Ravel chante Dubois

JUNE 9th and 10th | Presented at the Confessionnal

Ravel chante Dubois

Ravel chante Dubois

While continuing the adventure of his very popular Rock Story, Jean Ravel takes the stage with a brand new creation: Ravel chante Dubois. Accompanied by two of his precious musician accomplices, Jean Ravel transports us into the world of Dubois with all the power of his voice and all his sensitivity.

In this new intimate concept, he reveals a new and unsuspected color; singing in French while interpreting, in his own way, the songs of Claude Dubois. The nuances and evocative power of Ravel's voice are put at the service of Dubois' hit songs.

Come discover or rediscover the universe of one of the most prolific singer-songwriters Quebec has ever given us. An opportunity to meet Dubois the Rebel, Dubois the Romantic, Dubois the Lover of Women and Dubois the Free Spirit in a warm, sensitive and touching show.

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