Mélissa Bédard

May 6th AND 7th | 3:00 PM or 8:30 PM

Mélissa Bédard

Ma mère chantait toujours

Mélissa Bédard

Ma mère chantait toujours

Productions Martin Leclerc and Tandem announce that they will produce Mélissa Bédard's new show, Ma mère chantait toujours, in which the artist with the unique voice will interpret the greatest hits of the French-speaking world in her own way. A meeting that promises to be simply magical!

Nearly ten years after her acclaimed participation in Star Académie, Mélissa Bédard has established herself as a dominant figure in the Quebec artistic scene. A multi-talented artist, the charismatic singer also proved to be an exceptional actress in the dramatic comedy M'entends-tu, where she played the unforgettable Fabiola.

She has mastered the art of dazzling us with her intimate and powerful voice, which should give an extraordinary breath of fresh air to a repertoire that is already extraordinary!

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