Hotel California

April 18th AND 19th 2025 | 8:30 PM

Hotel California

The Original Eagles Tribute

Hotel California

For over three decades, HOTEL CALIFORNIA has been recreating the legendary sound of the EAGLES and thrilling audiences around the world. The band set the bar high in 1986, and have remained the industry's leading Eagles tribute ever since. They've played to huge crowds and shared the stage with some of rock's greatest legends. What makes HOTEL CALIFORNIA so special? Incredible vocal similarity, precision instrumental work, sensational harmonies and top-class stage performances. These are the hallmarks of the band and the foundations on which its reputation has been built. HOTEL CALIFORNIA has become a masterful celebration of Eagles music, one of the most influential song catalogs in rock'n'roll history, performed to perfection. The industry has made HOTEL CALIFORNIA one of the world's most accomplished tribute productions. If you love the Eagles, welcome to Hotel California, you've just found the very best.

Price (taxes and service charges included)

Starting at: $64.50

With dinner: $146.50

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April 18th 2025 | 8:30 PM

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April 19th 2025 | 8:30 PM

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