The Musical Box

September 20th | 8:00 PM

The Musical Box

Selling England by the Pound - 50th Anniversary Tour

The Musical Box

It’s 1973 – Peter Gabriel's famous theatrics and Genesis' musical apex produce some of the most iconic images and sounds of the 70’s, enjoying to this day a cult following.

A TIMELESS CLASSIC. THE MUSICAL BOX, who shared the stage with PHIL COLLINS and STEVE HACKETT as performing guests and acclaimed by more than a million spectators in some of the most prestigious venues in the world such as London’s ROYAL ALBERT HALL and Paris’ OLYMPIA, will perform the emblematic 1973 show in painstaking details.


"TMB is recreating what Genesis did very faithfully. I saw them in Bristol with my kids so they could experience what their dad was doing back then."
Peter Gabriel

"It's not a tribute band, they took a period and faithfully recreated it like a theatrical production would"

Phil Collins


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September 20th | 8:00 PM

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